Dry vacuum pumps

Dry vacuum pumpsDry vacuum pumps consist of a rotor with grooves in vacuum pumps consist of a rotor with grooves in which vanes are inserted, all placed inside a rotor chamber. As the rotor rotates, the vanes emerge from their seat and lap the chamber, forcing the air into smaller and smaller volumes and thus creating a vacuum.
Dry pumps use graphite vanes: this same graphite, which is atomised by the f riction between the vane and the contact chamber, provides the lubrication that gives good results in terms of operation and durability.
Unlike lubricated pumps, dry pumps do not require maintenance except changing the vanes and cleaning the filters.
However, they must work in environments with clean air flows and no steam.

The main areas of use are: handling with suction cups, automatic machines and woodworking.

Available models